How do I sign up for online banking?

  1. Create Your Account

    On the right hand side, click Enroll under “First Time User?” to start enrollment process.

  2. Log In to Your Account

    It will take you back to the start page. From there log in to your account with the information you just entered in the previous steps.

  3. Bill Pay

    It will ask you if you would like to sign up for bill pay. Bill pay is free unless you have no scheduled payments or no payments made for a full month then there is a non-usage fee of $5.95. Click carefully here because it can appear a little tricky which option you are choosing.

  4. Security Questions

    You may choose which questions to answer by hitting the drop down for more options.

  5. Security Phrase

    This is a phrase that will appear after you put in your logon ID on the page where you put in your security code. This is simply another security verification.

  6. Update Your Information

    Now it will have you update or make any changes to your address, phone number, and email.

  7. Update Your Preferences

    It will now bring up your preferences where you can change which account to show up first, show a short history of on the overview page, change time zones, etc. If you do not wish to make changes right now you will have access to do so at any time.

  8. Setup is Now Complete!


Member Number

The member number it asks for is your savings account number.

Initial PIN

Initial PIN is going to be the last 4 of the primary account holders SSN.

Logon ID

Logon ID will be what you will put in every time you log in. It must be between 6 and 50 characters.

Security Code

This is your password. It will be entered with your ID every time you log in. It must be between 8 and 16 characters and must contain at least 2 letters and 2 numbers and can also include special characters.

Terms and Conditions

You MUST open the Terms and Conditions, then check the box to agree and click Accept.


We also recommend downloading our Consumer Credit Union app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This handy app will make checking your balance or doing quick transfers so much quicker and easier on your smartphone!

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Open An Account Online

Opening an account with CCU is fast, easy and all online! As always, we also welcome you to open your account in person at one of our convenient branch locations.