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EZShield Fraud Protection

To take advantage of the many ways to protect your personal information, you must have a checking account.

Secure Checking with EZShield Fraud Protection

ID theft is the number one crime in America and there is no way to prevent this from happening to you. ID thieves are stealing personal information to access bank accounts, debit cards, social security accounts, medical records and tax returns. Your personal information is at risk every time you purchase a product or service. There is no way to eliminate the risk of identity theft. There is also no need to pay up to $15 to $20 a month for ID Protection services.

We are offering our qualified members an affordable identity theft solution which will help address the risks of fraud and ID theft. A small monthly fee of $2.95 for individuals (primary member on account) or $5.95 for family members.

Qualified members include the following:
– 18 years of age
– Have at least one checking account

Additional features of Secure Checking with EZShield Fraud Protection are available to you

To take advantage of these additional services, you will be required to create an online account.

Here are the services you can expect from EZShield Fraud Protection:

  • Certified Resolution Specialist. A dedicated and certified resolution specialist is available to answer questions and assist with resolution in the event of a lost wallet, fraud or identity theft. Resolution specialists will perform assisted or fully-managed restoration services on behalf of a member and coordinate with other financial institutions and/or law enforcement agencies. In addition to advising members on the best procedures to prevent fraud or to respond to a fraud event, a resolution specialist can also act on behalf of members through a limited power of attorney.
  • Activity Report and News. Registered members receive monthly email communications that include account information and informational articles and tips addressing identity theft and fraud.
  • Breach and Fraud News Announcements. Registered members receive email alerts when large-scale breaches and threats occur. Emails provide helpful tips on how members may protect themselves.

No billing information is collected or required for you to take advantage of these value-added services:

  • Online Identity Vault. Registered members have 24/7 online access to a password protected and encrypted website that allows members to secure and manage their sensitive documents and information and securely track all their credit cards, passwords, and ID’s.
  • Education and Preventative Measures. Registered members have account access to EZShield’s educational website, which contains materials that advise consumers and businesses on best practices in mitigating the risks of identity theft and fraud. This educational content can be delivered via various channels, websites, email and social media.
  • Black Market Scan. Ongoing scans of online black market chat rooms, websites and databases to ensure that the name, address, phone number and bank account identification associated with a user’s account have not been compromised in the black market channel.

What happens if a member experiences lost wallet, fraud or id theft

  • Member calls the EZShield 24-hour toll free number 888-439-7453
  • A resolution specialist collects the member’s information to verify member’s participation in the plan and evaluates the fraud event
  • The resolution specialist will assist in contacting law enforcement, credit bureaus, financial institutions and other government agencies as needed to:
    • report the ID theft event and request new government-issued ID such as driver’s license, social security card or passport
    • place fraud alerts on a member’s credit reports, and review such reports to identify evidence of the fraud or identity theft
    • freeze or close any bank, credit card or merchant accounts that have been compromised by or created due to the fraud or identity theft
  • The resolution specialist completes required reporting and other forms on behalf of the member; if necessary, pursuant to the member’s limited power of attorney
  • The resolution specialist assists the member in correcting financial, medical, tax and criminal records , as needed
  • Fraudulent accounts are closed promptly
  • The member’s identity is restored as quickly as possible

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